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I was a party member a flag lapel pin add luster
Time: 2020-04-08

June 26, the company held a branch commemorate the ninth anniversary of the Communist Party of China was founded 86 forum at the third floor conference room, and some enterprises in the provision Party Youth League attended the meeting.

At the meeting of all party members review the oath to join the party, party members held a ceremony to wear the emblem, participants interact with all members of the Communist Youth League, recalled the history of development of the party, strong faith, so that every party member wearing a shiny emblem, both party members honor another responsibility.

Deputy secretary of the Party branch Wenchun Di made a speech at the meeting, party members on weekdays work and study, and give full play their vanguard and exemplary role, especially in the face of major large, firm members ideals, purpose, faith. To carry out "a party member a flag lapel pin I add luster" activities, so that each party member only to study hard, work actively, but also to establish a good self-image of party members among employees, subject to supervision by the masses daily words and deeds, to establish among its employees " I am a communist "style, to carry forward the spirit of enterprise," honest and trustworthy, pioneering and enterprising, "excellent corporate culture to build a solid foundation.

Deputy secretary of the first warm spring finally asked Komsomolets efforts to move closer to the party, strict demands on themselves, keep making progress and do the party's assistant, to contribute their talents for enterprise development, and strive to become a reserve force of business management.

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